Tri Hita Karana

Om Swastiyastu

Welcome to North Bali!
Welcome to Shanti , Natural Panorama View Bar Hotel & Restaurant

The rumbling of a river and the echo of water falling from a height are causing our heart to enjoy the hidden beauty of North Bali as if diving into the bottom of our heart, many unpredictable things we can find here.... enjoying the beauty of Shanti Natural Panorama Hotel Bar & Restaurant and the surrounding area like the days in past when love started to come and to grow in our heart.

We offers you all the facilities you may expect from an exclusive resort. The villas are specifically designed with the traditional concept of Balinese and Javanese development, the Tri Hita Karana which means living harmony with the creator, people, and environment.

The name Shanti comes from the Sanskrit language and means "Peace", and that means our place is a perfect place for those seeking a relaxing holiday, here you can see a variety of local traditions and customs which reflect the Balinese also have the possibility to enjoy the unique sightseeing, farmers at work, handicraft demonstration by villagers.

Please take a virtual look at our property and start imagine of what you may experience during your stay with us.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om

Putri Widyan Tari