The Restaurants
Indulge your self in a natural panorama view for personal pleasure.
Shanti provides different kinds of situation for which visitors can sit while enjoying the local and international cuisines.

Located on the topmost of the resort, Anin Pavilion is specifically designed for 8 people or for four couples. Rice terrace, mountain, and sea view of Sambangan village can be seen from this area. Visitors can’t miss it. In Shinta Pavilion, the romantic area where a couple can stay privately while enjoying the hissing sound of waterfalls of the sacred Banyumala river.

Shanti Djoglo

Shanti Restaurant, provides you with 16 convertable sits. Arjuna Pavilion located just behind it is uniquely prepared for relaxing guests who love silent and rice terrace.

For couple , we offer Bondol, last but not least is our new Restaurant, Shanti Djoglo, provides you 60 convertable sits, with open spacious view , will make everything perfect.

Balinese and international cuisines are professionally prepared by our chef with international reputation. High quality beverage is also available in our restaurants, we are open from 09.00 until 21.00 local time.

Anin & Atjuna