Shanti Trekking
The location as at Sambangan Village, Buleleng Regency. This trekking program ( short and medium ) will began at 08.00 am from Shanti Restaurant. Upon arrival at Shanti Restaurant, the guest are given orientation by well trained local guide.The orientation will be about what to see and to do during the trekking time. Soon after, the guest will be escorted to Cengana area,where we can see the local farmer at work.

woman with basket

Short Trekking
It takes about 2 until 2,5 hours, This trekk start from Shanti Natural Panorama view Hotel and Bar. Arrive at Shanti The guest will serve by tropical welcome drink , After walking about 15 minutes we will pass small village and rice terrace, During the trip to waterfall, you will enjoy the beautiful landscapes and travel through many kind of plantation on green valley. After warming up, we go down to the bottom of the waterfall where you can find 4 waterfalls , it is famous with the “SECRET GARDEN“ , not only see but also you can swim do jumping in the waterfall, slidding and enjoy the cool and clear fresh water by swimming in the kroya waterfall and continue to aling waterfall while accompanied with the sound of nature orchestra.


Medium Trekking
It takes about 3,5- 4 hours. After enjoy welcome coffee or Tea at Shanti, We will start from the Cengana Bridge, you can see the local farmer at work. We will passing Cengana rice terrace with its natural panoramas. They have a traditional organization that manages water for all farmers. This organization is called as "Subak". Subak will divide the water for farmers so all farmers will get water for their land. They also have a special temple to say thanks to the God for the water and good harvest, 20 minutes after passing it, we will see fruit plantation like jack fruit , mangosteen, pineapple, rambutan, mango, clove,cacao, coffee plantation and spices. In the first stopover at Bantenan Village, we will see the Singaraja City clearly, the Ambengan Village and beautiful rice terrace. Throughout the trekking route, you will see people at work making bamboo handicraft. After enjoy it we also see the traditional house and the Balinese people live with their moreover hospitality. After 2 hours walking of course your body is sweat and hot so we will guide you to the Sacred Garden natural pool, we can refresh again our body, mind, and soul by clear and fresh water, we guarantied you will be happy scream and hysterias. And that’s what we call with the real paradise. After that we will go another 15 minutes to another experience. We will escort you into “Secret Garden” of Sambangan can be a challenge you into the waterfalls. After that we will through the bridge, it is very challenging if you can pass the bridge. Finally you can relax in Shanti Restaurant Natural Panorama View Hotel , Bar & Restaurant. Believe or not the Sacred Garden Orientation that will always the answer in finding your “Heaven on Earth”.