Sambangan village is strategically located on the outskirt of Singaraja city within the Regency of Buleleng. It covers a large expanse of farming land which is in a hilly area and enable you to enjoy some fantastic panoramas. There are many tourist destinations to found in this village such as Aling-aling Waterfall, Dedari Waterfall, Cemara Waterfall, Munduk Saab Hill and Tirta Kuning cave. There are spectacular rice-terraces andmany more sites that you may discover with us

Compared to the three waterfalls in the Sambangan area, Aling-aling waterfall is the most frequently visited since the location is not so far away. Only few minutes from Shanti. The waterfall its self is about 25 meters high and on the other side you can see the blue water river where you are able to bathe.

Sambangan, a village that his position on the green hill in the Sukasada sub district that his distance 6 km from the Singaraja city, the Sambangan village his location was adjacent with the Ambengan village that only in restricted by a quite wide chasm, because that geographically also was not far different around the two villages, nearby was surrounded by the paddy-field carpet (rice terrace) that enchanted, this village also had the potential for the nature tour like trekking and meditation, because often had the place that offered the spirit 's peace, for them that want to recalled the past by bathing in the river, this village had many natural ponds all along the river with his water that was clean.