The Villas

Royal Djoglo and Geladak are our new Villas, both of them more than a hundred years old wodden house, Royal Djoglo is a big wooden house that usually use by royal family, Geladak is a rice house from central of java, Nakula and Sahadewa, the two spacious open air unique twin lumbung villas surrounded by the colorful flowers and natural panorama of Sambangan hills are available for you to stay. The villas are specifically designed with the traditional concept of Balinese development, the Tri Hita Karana which means living harmony with the creator, people, and environment.

Designed with the combination of western convertibility and the spirit of Balinese and Javanese , made with care by the Balinese architecture makes Shanti Villas more than just common villas but the art product which reflects the traditional local genius.

On the middle of 2017, we start building more rooms with luxuries Royal Joglo type, also new Massage and Yoga Pavilion. The name of our new rooms are Geladak 2, Joglo , Padma Joglo, Joglo Garden View, Herjuna dan Laksmi, please contact us for more information about our new rooms, the room will be ready on April 2018