In the Beginning

The chirping of birds, the echo produced by waterfalls from a distance and the noise made by bamboo trees caused by the wind and the enchanting beauty of the natural panorama at this site calm down ones's mind, reminding oneself of something that we seem to be familiar with...they so called dejavu

Not like many resort in Bali which are built after considering prospective profits that can be gained and probably risk that can taken in the choice of location, sitution and so on, Shanti resort is different, the place where Shanti located come to Ida Bagus Puja Erawan possession in 2000 , Thus since the transfer of ownership he did not do anything to the land, or it was just left as it had been, even he did not know the site of the land itself

Four years later, he suddenly had the intention to see site. Bushes grew thickly there at that time and when he came more deeply into the site he became aware that it had very good view and there was "something" in it which made him have a peaceful mind.


Some months later the construction of the buildings commenced in the site, Shanti, Shinta and Anin are the names of his three daughters which later became the names of the buildings in this site.

Laksmi Gallery, Budha Pavilliun, Arjuna Pavilliun, Villa Nakula and Villa Sahadewa were the next buildings that were build. Due to the peaceful and virgin atmosphere of the site it was then called Shanti, a Sanskrit word that mean peace.

The 150 years old Royal Djoglo and Shanti Joglo were move from their original location in central Java. Gazebo, Geladak, and Bondol were build to give a final touch of the building.

Of Course one can only peaceful in one's own mind, however one step forward to appreciate the existence of nature which can make a peaceful mind is by admiring the nature's beauty created by God.