The Dream come true

Joglo is a traditional house of ancient indigenous art has qualified as a form of high architectural value and cultural areas as well as one art form or style of building traditional building arts. The main building of the framework consists of four pillars joglo, the main mast with overlapping sledge Songo (nine overlapping) or overlapping Telu (three overlapping) on it. Joglo structure like that, except as the support of the main structure of the house, and the pedestal roof can be shaped conical roofs. in terms of architecture, the art of architecture is not just an understanding of the art of house construction, is also a reflection of the values and norms of the people of Java. Human love of the sense of beauty, even the religious attitude is reflected in the architecture of the house with this style. At the entrance, joglo has three doors, the main door in the middle and the second door on the left and right of the main door. The third part of the door has a symbolic meaning that the bow fighting in the middle of a large family, while two doors on the right and left to the law. In the space called gedongan serves as a holy place, a place where the Imam leads the prayers associated with symbolic meaning as a sacred place, sacred and holy. Gedongan also serves as the main bed is respected and at any given time will be used as the bridal bed for their children.



Gazebo & Royal Djoglo