Local Activities

The fragrant smell from a simple kitchen, or even it can be called an old kitchen if you like, in Sambangan village is much more fragrant than any smell coming from a five-star hotel kitchen anywhere. Even the coffee being processed cannot be compared to anyone from any coffee shop. Much more than this, the purity of the coconut oil made from selected coconuts take our mind far away to the long time past....


There is always a new spirit around us to fill in the days, working, having fun, all are parts of doing the lives. Shanti with its enchanting nature around, gives a lot of choices for the activities. Starting from trekking, witnessing the beat of traditional lives around Shanti or even bringing those activities to Shanti’s surrounding to be felt and enjoyed.

Feel also the spiritual experience of self purification in the waterfall of Tibu Bhuana Sari, the Banyumala River.You can also meditate, reflect while enjoying the beautiful view of Shanti.

Activites at Shanti

Shanti will show you how Balinese make pure coffee and virgin coconut oil or balinese cake in traditional way. All process is handmade and uses equipments are locally produced. Sambangan’s villagers may demonstrate the two activities at Shanti traditional kitchen, named 'Paon Bali'.