Wedding Process and Facilities

Upon arrival at the front gate of Shanti , the Bride, the Groom and their family will be welcome with various and colorful flower, then escorted to Shinta Pavilon , the most romantic corner of Shanti , where they can enjoy their deep feeling of being togetherness while enjoying the natural beauty of the hill terraced view as well asa the sound of waterfall of Banyumala river. While the relative of the bride and the groom will be escorted to Anin Pavilion. Yellow fresh coconuts will be served as welcome drink.

Make Up
Wedding dresses and make up will be prepared in the room. The Bride and the Groom's relatives will be invited to attend the unique Bali cake "laklak" process at "Paon Bali" the Bali kitchen at Shanti. The cake will be served as sweet after lunch.

balinese couple

Process of Ceremony
The ceremony will be held at temple , the old spiritual place of Shanti, located at the top area of center. Before the ceremony begin short speech and general explanation about Bali Wedding ceremony will be delivered.

Ceremony begin with purification using several offering, the balinese called Banyuawang, the purpose is to purify body and soul of the Bride and Groom. This is preparing their spiritual readiness and alertness to hold the ceremony. Several holly water and flower are applied to their body during this activity.
A Bali priest will lead the ceremony, mantra and traditional song will be chanted , accompanying all of these is gender music, the traditional sound of wedding music.

Bali lunch specifically designed will be served at Shanti Restaurant, where romantic rindik, the bamboo tones will be played on lunch time.

Gift Presentation
Ending the program, Shanti will present wedding gift to the Bride and the Groom.


  • Various types of wedding offering including Holly water, flower arrangements, ornaments which are made of coconut leaves, fruits a arrangements and fragrant incenses.
  • Price and two helper
  • Wedding make up and customs, with Payas Agung, the highest category of Bali Wedding Costumes.
  • Entertainment : Gender, traditional wedding tone with two professional player and also rindik (the bamboo tones)
  • Lunch for 12 persons with special dish which matches the wedding situation.
  • Three bottles sparkling wines for the Bride and the Groom. Additional rate will be imposed for every additional guest without prior booking.
  • Coffee, Tea and Traditional Bali Cake ( laklak )
  • One night stay at Shanti Villa including breakfast for the bride and groom